Tellico Mountain Bear and Boar Club

About Us

Tellico Mountain Bear and Boar Club is located in Tellico Plains in the mountains of Southeast TN. This club is dedicated to protecting hunting rights for houndsmen and promoting a positive image of hound hunters to the general public. By particapating in this organization, hunters have a greater voice through strength in numbers.

Tellico Mountain Bear and Boar Club is completely non-profit. Every penny that is generated through club dues or events goes towards the efforts to maintain or improve hunting conditions both locally and state-wide. The club hosts State Representatives and lawmakers to communicate the concerns of the hunters. The club also sends representatives to Nashville to voice our posistions to the legislature.

The Tellico Mountain Bear and Boar Club partners with the US Forest Service to help clean up and maintain sections of the Cherokee National Forest. The Club has also made significant donations to the Appalachian Bear Rescue. It is a priority to preserve our wildlife and natural resources. These actions also help to promote a good image of hound hunters to the public and maintains good relations with the local authorities.

If you would like to be a member and participate with this website visit our "Members" page to the right. If you would like to join in the fight to maintain your hunting rights,  and preserve the age-old tradition of hound hunting visit our "Join Now" page to the right.